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All social or special events are incomplete without entertainment. And mediocre, run-of-the-mill entertainment options won’t just cut it anymore. We understand the vitality of high entertainment value for special events and we offer multiple, varied and innovative options for the same.

Apart from the usual suspects (singers, dancers, magicians etc) that are essential for private events like weddings, birthday parties, kids’ parties etc., RedGate Events boasts of a host of unorthodox entertainers who keep you and your guests engaged and entertained. Our out of the box avenues for entertainment include inflatable games, simulator based games and extremely unique and gifted performers like illusionists, comedians, strolling jugglers, caricature artists, celebrity impersonators, mentalists, face painters, living statues etc. For those who want music to be the primary source of entertainment, there are tribute bands, symphony orchestra, or a cappella groups that you could call upon. In fact you could also have an a cappella group disguised as waiters to provide a surprise element of entertainment out of nowhere! This would surely keep guests guessing about what’s coming next. In the present scenario, the surprise element is what makes entertainment entertaining and we are fully committed to provide the same.

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