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It is easy to mistake event coordination and event planning as the same thing. But, as it turns out, the two concepts are very different. While event planning involves major decision making with regards to the venue, the vendors, the design and almost everything related to the event, event coordination is all about execution. An event coordinator is essentially responsible for the smooth functioning of the event. An event coordinator needs to deal and coordinate with vendors (who act really pricey sometimes and get on your nerve. They could be an absolute nightmare to deal with!) To ensure all things in order. Apart from this key function, event coordination also involves developing creative methods to keep the audience engaged.

RedGate Events specializes in event coordination. We come up with novel ideas to entertain the attendees of the event and to establish and explain the purpose of the event. We take care of all essential vendor services and coordinate with the vendors to avoid last minute mishaps. Event coordination is a specialized task and should be left only to the specialists.

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